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Rita Moreno Flirts with Craig Melvin Again on TODAY

The fauxmance between Craig Melvin and Rita Moreno is still going strong.

Nearly a year after they playfully flirted when Moreno appeared as a guest on TODAY, the duo was back at it during the 3rd hour of TODAY on March 4 — with Craig’s wife, Lindsay Czarniak, getting in on it!

“I’m laughing because the last time I was here, I was putting you on, being very sexy with you. And now this one here, this ringer is here. I can’t mess around with you,” she joked, alluding to the fact Czarniak was with him, serving as co-host, alongside Dylan Dreyer.

Craig Melvin and Rita Moreno
Craig Melvin (center) tried to keep wife Lindsay Czarniak (left) happy, when “girlfriend” Rita Moreno (right) visited the 3rd hour of TODAY.TODAY

“That’s my wife, and my girlfriend,” Craig quipped, pointing to Lindsay and Moreno. “You’re right. It’s a little strange.”

“Now things are awkward,” Czarniak chimed in, prompting Craig to laugh.

“I’m never awkward,” Moreno jokingly fired back. “So that’s your problem, as far as I’m concerned.”

Later in the interview, Moreno, who can be seen in the upcoming movie “The Prank,” playfully flung Dylan out of her seat so she could sit next to Craig.

Craig Melvin and Rita Moreno
Dylan Dreyer (right) looks on as Czarniak, Craig and Rita share a laugh.TODAY

“Hi, cutie,” she said, as she leaned into his arm that he put around her.

“For folks who don’t know, we have a history,” Craig said while introducing a clip of Moreno flirting with him on TODAY in May 2023.

During their previous segment, Moreno made no bones about her interest in Craig.

“Hello, gorgeous,” she said before getting some laughs when she told him to “Sit down, you animal.”

“I’m intrigued here,” she added a few seconds later.

Craig Melvin and Rita Moreno
Moreno had no trouble getting a reaction from Craig.TODAY

Craig told her he was a big fan, which surprised her and prompted him to say he was in his early 40s.

“And I’m in my early 90s,” she said.

“If I weren’t married …” Craig said.

“Do we give a hoot?” Moreno replied.

After they played the clip, Craig playfully tried to keep things cool with Czarniak by mentioning how he said in that previous interview he would’ve been interested in Moreno if he wasn’t married.

“I wanted to make sure you met my girlfriend,” he said, pointing to the EGOT winner.

Czarniak didn’t miss a beat.

“We’ve actually talked about renting him out for weddings because he likes — a lot of fun with my girlfriends back home,” she said.

Craig Melvin and Rita Moreno
Czarniak and Craig seem to have an understanding when it comes to his relationship with Moreno.TODAY

Czarniak was also wowed by how Craig reacted to Moreno’s fascination with him.

“The wonderful thing is you actually made him blush,” she said.

“I know, I know,” Moreno said.

“You get a hall pass,” she then joked to Craig.

“Alright, now it’s getting weird,” he replied as everyone laughed.

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