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International Women’s Day: Fiona Logan

In the vibrant tapestry of civilization, Voltaire once pointed to Scotland as the source of inspiration. The Scottish value of influence transcends boundaries, weaving its way even into the fabric of small beginnings that have the power to reshape the global landscape.

Enter Insights, the pioneering people development company founded in Dundee, Scotland, in the 1990s by Scottish father and son duo, Andi and Andy Lothian. Their yearning for meaningful change began a journey that would have a profound influence on the world.

At the heart of Insights beats Insights Discovery – a psychometric tool rooted in the psychology of Carl Jung, embraced by many millions globally. The well-recognized four-color model unveils the “why” behind individual behavior, unravelling the mysteries that lie within, and fostering a deeper understanding among teams.

Steering this ship is Fiona Logan, a values-driven leader who took the helm in 2015, initially as COO and becoming the first non-family CEO in 2018. In the face of eight years of global turbulence, including the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic, Fiona has led Insights with resilience and innovation.

On the remarkable journey, Fiona reflects that the task of shaping Insights into an exceptional organization was not about instilling values and purpose; it was about nurturing and developing what was already there and building a scalable and sustainable business. As she puts it, “Insights has always been a unique and thriving, values-based organization.”

Bearing Witness in Antarctica

Fiona’s own professional journey weaves through diverse landscapes, from her corporate background with Unilever and IBM overseas, returning to Scotland and a sojourn in the public sector, heading up Scotland’s first National Park as CEO. She is fuelled by an unwavering passion for the environment, making a positive difference and unlocking human potential.

For Fiona, a commitment to sustainability isn’t just a professional checkbox; it’s deeply personal, rooted in an early career role at Greenpeace where she embraced the concept of ‘bearing witness.’ According to her, true understanding comes from first-hand experience, immersing oneself in the reality of the situation in order to produce better outcomes.

With this in mind, in November 2023, Fiona embarked on a transformative journey to Antarctica with 87 inspiring female changemakers as part of the Homeward Bound Ushuaia Voyage. This global initiative for women in STEMM fields aligns perfectly with Fiona’s passion for robust environmental action and developing visionary female leaders.

“Not everyone would sign up for such an extreme adventure, but I think it’s very much in keeping with who we are as Insights and the high bar I’ve set myself for transformative change as I develop. I set sail to examine different aspects of our strategy, of our performance, of my professional development and to deliberately break out of my comfort zone.”

The Antarctic expedition was a chance for Fiona to bear witness to the profound impacts of climate change, sharing the journey with scientific experts. Despite her adventurous spirit, the anticipation of voyaging to Antarctica with 85 strangers, bound for the icy continent, was a mix of excitement and trepidation.

The experience left an indelible mark on Fiona’s perspective, reinforcing crucial leadership lessons. It emphasized the importance of taking space to think, contemplate, and deliberate.

“The distance gave me the gift of appreciation for everything we have at Insights but also allowed me to see critical issues from a fresh perspective,” she reflects.

In embracing the unfamiliar frozen landscape, Fiona found a wellspring of inspiration and a renewed sense of purpose and energy for the next strategic era.

Empowering Women: Challenging Norms

Fiona’s Antarctic voyage also became a profound journey of introspection on the pivotal role women play in supporting each other’s ascent to the top.

On International Women’s Day, Fiona reflects with a mix of optimism and occasional vexation on the progress in achieving equity. “Despite the emphasis on understanding, empathy, diversity, and inclusivity, certain challenges persist.”

Fiona stresses the importance of empowering women and minority leaders to feel confident about their preferences and behaviors. Even if this is sometimes challenging to do.

“All too often we witness physical characteristics of female leaders being part of society’s narrative. Or boorish behaviours being openly tolerated towards minority leaders or colleagues. It is overdue that we move beyond this. For all.”

Diversity, in all its forms, is a key to unlocking more progressive, more thoughtful and more successful businesses. Our boardroom diversity challenge mirrors our environmental ones, in that, if we don’t start thinking differently and act soon, we will miss great opportunities to create a world which we will be proud to hand to our children.


Fiona Logan’s personal values are a mirror reflecting the values of Insights itself—a delicate dance between purpose, culture, and business strategy. The company values of making a difference, working together, enabling success, delivering results, and enjoying the journey aren’t just a customer magnet; they are a beacon drawing in a talented workforce and a community of over 14,000 practitioners globally.

“Investing time and resources to fortify Insights as a values-based learning organization is not just a duty but a privilege. It’s about walking the talk and embodying the support we provide to our customers”.

She introduces the concept of #insideout at Insights, where the focus is on purpose, learning through their solutions, and cherishing values and behavioural goals as much as delivery objectives.

Change is a way of life

The results speak for themselves. From an annual turnover of £28m and operating profits around £4m when she first joined, Insights closed 2023 with £95m in revenue and operating profits of £19.9m. Strategic investments in technology, digital products, and a continuous global expansion into North America, Europe, and Asia, combined with a growing demand for Insights’ products among some of the world’s biggest companies, have solidified the organisation’s influence.

“As a leader, your people are the true measure of your success. For me, having a profound belief in my team and the work we do is essential for our continued growth,” emphasizes Fiona.

The inside-out approach isn’t just a catchy tagline; it’s a guiding principle that shapes how employees navigate and make an impact on the world. As per the fourth pillar of Insights’ employee proposition, change isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a way of life.

The robust foundation of values at Insights plays a pivotal role in propelling this Scottish company to a position of global influence. Under Fiona’s leadership, equally anchored in strong values, this influence is set to reach new heights.

“Overall, I believe that the key to finding happiness and success in your career lies in maintaining an open and learning mindset. What can I learn, what lessons am I taking with me, and how can I use my experiences in the service of others?”

Fiona’s words echo a leader who not only values personal growth but also seeks to uplift and serve others on their journey.

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