YouTube will take action on 5 types of content

YouTube will take action on 5 types of content

YouTube has announced action against five types of videos, including misinformation, cyber bullying and spreading lies about Corona. Earlier, the video-sharing site reported that all anti-vaccine content from YouTube would be blocked. This time the topic of YouTube’s five policies came up in the discussion.

It has been reported that YouTube will take action if it gives false information about vaccines, denies climate change, spreads false information about elections, makes videos for harassment and cyberbullying and spreads false information about Corona. It will take tough decisions, including removing the video and banning the account. This information has been revealed from the source of YouTube’s own channel ‘YouTube Creators’.

1. Misinformation about the vaccine:

YouTube will delete videos if you provide incorrect information about any approved vaccine. If any approved vaccine in the video is said to be dangerous or cause autism and cancer or infertility, it will be removed. Google has removed 130,000 such videos from 2020 to September 29, according to YouTube.

2. Denying climate change: 

Second, YouTube will not show ads for videos denying climate change. In the meantime, Google has introduced a new monetization policy for advertisers, publishers and video makers. Under this policy, advertisements will not be shown in videos that deny the existence of a well-established scientific explanation for the existence and causes of climate change.

3. Spreading false election information:

No misinformation can be given about the election of voters on YouTube. It’s not to make a video of someone being selected before they are selected. Secret information that conflicts with the democratic process cannot be disclosed.

4. Harassment and cyberbullying videos:

Videos made for the purpose of harassment, intimidation or bullying are prohibited on YouTube. It is also forbidden to capture anyone’s video for cyber bullying or to spread anyone’s personal information in the video.

5. Spreading false information about Corona:

Controversial information about Corona that is inconsistent with medical information from local health care providers or the World Health Organization is prohibited on YouTube. In particular, Covid-19 guidelines on treatment, prevention, diagnosis, infection, social distance and quarantine cannot be ignored. On May 20, 2020, YouTube formulated a policy on this.

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