Free to use Namechip VPN For 1 Month

Free to use Namechip VPN For 1 Month

One of the most popular VPNs in Premium VPN is namecheap VPN.

Let’s see how to get this popular PREMIUM VPN for free for 1 month.

So let’s get started,

At the beginning we can see a Subscription plan here which is giving for 1 month without any money. We will take this plan for 1 month for free.

So first select it, then we open an account with the name, username, password

Let’s open a new tab from the browser and enter the following link

Enter this BIN in the BIN text box and click on the Generate button 53915018360xxxxx.

and Copy generated BINs.

Now I will go to this link and check the BIN, whether these cards are live or not.

From here we will get some Live BIN. If you don’t have your LIVE BIN, check the BIN by generating the BIN from Namso-gen again. If you get the LIVE BIN, then copy any BIN.

After creating an account in Namecheap, we have to add the payment method. We will add the first method.Now put the numbers obtained from the LIVE BIN in the card box. Put the cardholder and address as you wish.

City & state: New York
Zipcode : 10080
Country : USA

Continue after the put all the information correctly.

Now, we get namecheap vpn for free.

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