5 crazy websites in Internet

5 crazy websites in Internet

The Internet is mysterious, and many mysterious things have on the internet; some we use in our Daily life, and Some we can’t use, even though we have no idea about them. But when we know or see that, we can’t believe it for a few seconds. There are many questions surrounding it. We get some answers and some questions we don’t.

So now I here share five crazy websites that are like some mysterious on the internet. I have no idea about that website, why the website authors are building that website, and what its purpose is.

Number #1

If you browse this website, you see a single man or woman picture; when you reload the page, you get a different picture of a different person. That’s crazy. And if you want to download that picture, you click the right button and save it as that will be downloaded to your computer. If you continue reloading the page, you get a different picture for every reload.

Number #2

This website is similar to the first one. When you browse that website, you can see a picture of a man or woman, and here you see the art pictures, this picture regulation is not well, but you can understand the art. And also, if you want, you can save that picture on your computer. I have no idea where they use this art and what the mining is to this site. These are crazy

Number #3

On this website, you can see the cat when you browse. A different variant of cat here is this. In This website, cat image regulations are not well. But if you want, you can download and use this in your daily work. But I have no idea if it will be copyright-free or Nor. Every reload, you get different cats. I have no idea why the author builds this website and for which work purpose.

Number #4

When you browse this website, you will get a single horse pic on all the pages. Every time you reload, you will get a different horse pic. This website picture is so low. Maybe if you want to use this picture in your daily life, it is not possible to use this website picture. Why this website author builds this, I can’t get any answer in my mind.

Number #5


This is a very mysterious website. When you browse this website, you will see a Chemicals bond spinning in a row. That bond is a 3d particle, so if you mouse hover over that chemical particle, you can see every single side. And besides, the bond shows a note with details about that Chemical. You

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